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How to make a blog

How to make a blog is an especially popular question nowadays, and it is growing even more and more popular every day. Blogs seem to be the wave of the informative future, and more and more people are turning to blogs for information. So, in return, many writers have sought to publish their own thoughts in blogs all over the web.  And with ad revenue possibilities, like Google Adsense, it is more profitable than ever to write a popular blog.
In fact, one of the best, easiest ways to publish your own blog is to go to Google, and sign up for the Google blog program. With this, you can pick the url of your blog, design it, customize it, ad widgets, and since it is a Google platform, it is really easy to publish Google adds on it.
First, you will need to decide what your blog will be about. People do this in several different ways. For one, they might write about topics that are popular at the time, or they might write about something they love or are knowledgeable about. You should pick a subject that you care about, but it should also be a subject that you either have knowledge about or are willing to learn about, as usually the most popular blogs are the ones written by knowledgeable writers.
It is also crucial to update your blog, if not daily or twice a week than at least a few times a month. The more you update, the more incentive your viewers will have to return to the page of yours that they first arrived at in the first place.  How to make a blog is a growing knowledge among the internet savvy, and it is definitely not hard. Maybe a little doing is all it will take to learn a whole lot about blogging.
We recommend you to use either wordpress or blogger.

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