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How to Follow Proper Facebook Etiquette

Facebook is a social networking website that was launched in the fall of 2006.  Over the past four years, it has quickly become the most popular and fun of all networking tools.  But just as in real life, there are people on Facebook who do not understand the concept of proper social networking etiquette.  Do not become the one all of your Facebook friends hate to chat with.  Learn how to behave yourself and follow proper Facebook etiquette.
Post Replies in a Timely Fashion
If someone sends you a card in the mail, would you wait several months to respond or worse, never respond at all?  Of course not.  This etiquette rule is no different on Facebook.  If someone posts on your wall or writes you a private message, reply in a timely manner.  This keeps your friend from feeling ignored or slighted and prevents you from coming across as an ill-mannered jerk.

Skip the Applications

Even if you have a strong desire to use countless Facebook applications, avoid sending every app invite to all of your friends.  Nobody wants to get yet another Farmville or Mafia Wars requests.  The more applications you sign up for, the more clutter will appear on your homepage.  It is one thing to have fun but an entirely different matter to solicit 50-100 apps to your friends each month.  
Do Not Publicly Post Private Events
Are you are planning a private event for a select group of Facebook friends?  If so, do not publicly post the event for every single person on your friends list to see.  Make sure you keep the event private so you will not risk offending your other, uninvited friends.
Keep Quiet
Although you may find your comment hilarious, if it is embarrassing to your friend, do not post it on their wall.  Remember, despite Facebook’s optional privacy settings, it is still a social network, which means many people will be able to read what you have to say whether it is positive or negative.
Only Delete Friends as a Last Resort
Unless that person is stalking you or you were in a relationship and decided to call it quits, try your best not to delete their profile.  Even if you could care less about hurting their feelings, if you run across this person in the future, it will make for one awkward situation.
Limit Your Status Updates
Facebook is not Twitter so limit your daily status updates to 1-2 time per day.  Your friends do not need to know every time you visit the bathroom, your baby’s feeding schedule, or what you had to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Do Not Tag Your Friends in Unflattering Photos
Do you have a picture of your friend and in that picture, he or she is looking at their worst or doing something extremely embarrassing?  While you may think it is funny, they certainly will not if you tag them and post the photo for the entire Facebook community to gawk at.
While on the Subject of Photos
Never under any circumstances post a picture of someone else’s child without getting the parent’s approval beforehand.  Many parents are fearful of putting their child’s picture online and rightfully so, considering all of the perverts lurking around in the cloak of anonymity that is the internet.  Ask before you post; it is a matter of safety.

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