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Homeless Man Gets Job Offer Due to Voice

A man from Cleveland who was homeless has now managed to get a job because of his voice.
The man was left homeless die to problems with drugs and alcohol which meant that he lost his job and could not pay his bills. He always felt that his voice was great for voice overs and The Colombus Dispatch published a clip of him demonstrating them.
As a result of this he has been offered a job by NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and NFL films are also interested in him as well. He is obviously thrilled with the opportunity that this has given him.

Ted Williams is a father of nine and the two year contract with living expenses should help him get back on his feet again. The details of his new job are still being finalised buy the spokesman for the Cavaliers, Ted Carper, explained that when they heard about the man and his situation they felt that they wanted to help him.
Williams now has plans to fly to New York to see his mother , who is ninety years old. He will then be appearing on NBC’s ‘Today’ show a few days later. He appears to have become an instant celebrity as a result of what happened and has even likened himself to Susan Boyle.
The director of post-production at NFL films explained that he was interested in Williams because he had such a remarkable voice as well as a great story. He explained that he would like to have the opportunity to give him a second chance and was hoping to set up a meeting so they could do a demo together.
Williams who is now 53, is hoping that he can make his family proud as he knows that he has done wring by his seven daughters and two sons who have tried their hardest to help him.

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