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1. Vertical Football
Vertical football came from Japan to Munich (Germany).  It has been a great success so far. Players and the ball are tied with ropes 10 meters from the ground.
2. Traffic Jam
This picture is taken in China. That woman with the child are probobly very happy that she took bicycle that day.
3. Giant Players
Euro 2008 is over and it´s time to take down the Giant Football Players from the train station in Zurich.
4. Segway Cops
Chinese cops in training before the start of Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.
5. Declaration of Independence carved out of cheese
People in New York could enjoy the art of Troy Landwehr who carved a cheese version of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  900 kilogram (2000 lbs) of cheese where used for this project.
6. Grilled chicken anyone?
It´s possible to apply for almost anything if you wanna be in Guinness World Record book. This young cook from Switzerland decided to set the new world record in most amount of grilled chicken at the same time. 666 chickens sacrificed their life for this project. You can see the young cook carefully counting the chickens so that their sacrifice was not in vain.
7. Would you do this?
Young girl in Peking is very brave don´t you think? What would happened if Crocodile gets sudden hiccups?
8. New way of parking
Women and driving :). Kim Taylor forgot to pull the parking brake and the car landed in the neighbors pool.  Luckily nobody was hurt.
9. Invisible man
The invisible man has been spotted in Spain.

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