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Goldilocks Burglar Found Asleep in Bed

A blonde woman went in to an unlocked house and ate food from the fridge and feel asleep on a bed, before being caught by the house owners, in a Goldilocks style scenario.
The blonde woman, Vanessa Joy Long, who is 39 years old, was wearing her blonde hair in a ponytail when she was found asleep on the bed in the house in Christchurch, New Zealand. The home owner called the police as soon as they discovered that she was there. She had entered the house through the unlocked back door and drank alcohol and ate food from the fridge and then tried on some of the home owners clothes in the bedroom before falling asleep on the bed.
Afterwards she said that she could not remember doing anything in the house as she blacked out when she entered the building. She pleaded guilty at her hearing and has been bailed and will be sentenced on the first of September. The home owner is hoping to get £720 in damages to cover the cost of the food and drink that the blonde burglar consumed, as well as to cover damage that she did to the bedding and mattress.
The incident was paralleled to the story of ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ where a blonde girl enters the unlocked bears house, eats food and then falls asleep, to later be discovered by the owners. In the story the police were not called but the bears chased her away and maybe this lady would have been better off had she been chased away as she stands to have to pay out quite a hefty amount of money in damages, should the court decide that she should cover the costs of the damage that she caused. This was certainly no fairytale ending for her.

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