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Funny First Date

The first date can be full of emotion, but it’s worse when it becomes embarrassing or funny in the bad sense of the word. Many people have experienced at least once an embarrassing moment during a first date. Many of us even have funny pics which remembers the moment. Some are really funny and end well, with the two lovers forming a couple, but there are some who are not that lucky.

Here is what happened to Sarah once:
“Between me and an old friend began to knock something. I’ve been into him for a long time, but I didn’t dare to say anything. Our first date was at a barbecue at the country house of a mutual friend. There, at one point, my newly beloved disappeared. I asked our friend where he was and I found out that probably went for a while into the house because he had a headache. As a caring friend, I thought to go after him to see how he feels.
In the house, I was simply shocked. In one room, my new boyfriend and his ex were busy having sex. I was shocked as I turned around so I couldn’t see anything and I started to scream, to call them in all possible ways. I knocked down the door, I went out into the garden, I’ve also cried a little out there, while our friends looked at me like I was an alien. Annoyed, I decided to leave and so I went to my car that was at the gate, thinking to go home. In the car, guess who it was? My new boyfriend who was seeking for some peace there. In fact, I mixed him with someone else. We laughed and started a real relationship.
His ex girlfriend was not with him, but with somebody else. But when I saw her with a black guy I immediately assumed it was him.
Well, we definitely wouldn’t want to be in Sarah’s shoes, right? She experienced an embarrassing date, but who hasn’t? Everything is just swell when things turn out to fine.
What is the conclusion? We should keep our eyes very wide open at any time, but we mustn’t refrain your feelings. If we do that, we won’t get hurt, yes, but we won’t live either.
First dates are always challenging, but we should remember that any fresh start seems difficult until we dare to make the first move. Afterwords, it all seems natural and romantic.

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