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Finally, a Beauty Contest for Bad Girls – Miss Mafia 2010!

Wanna be a bad girl? Chances are good that there’s a little bad girl hiding in just about every woman you’ll meet, but there are some women that really take things to extremes.
An extreme take on beauty and crime would definitely have to be this little piece of news straight out of Budapest, Hungary — Miss Mafia 2010. Unlike traditional beauty contests that require the contestants to be squeaky clean and not have any criminal activity or morality problems of any kind, this beauty contest celebrates not only beauty, but criminal nature as well.

Take the final four women that will be competing for the title — four women that all have criminal records of some kind. In fact, that’s part of the rules: all of the contestants have to either be buddies with the Mob in some way, or they have to have actual convictions for crimes that required prison time.

So far, competition is pretty fierce. You have Alexa Diamond, a personal assistant to a mob boss and who is filled with her own agenda. She seems to like the contest just fine, saying, “Here, it’s only your beauty that counts, and your record doesn’t count against you…for once.”
Other competitors are much more flagrant about their crimes, like Clara Daak. She is adamant about being a bad girl, telling the judges that she would rather be collecting property leases from “losers” than trying to help kids or seek world peace.

It’s a dog eat dog world, and apparently it’s also a woman eat woman world, too.
So, what’s the prize for being the baddest girl of all of the bad girls? A car and a posh apartment in Budapest — only the best for the best bad girl, you know.
That’s not all — the winner will also move on to the next tier of competition: Miss Mafia Universe. Come on, did you really think all those criminal beauties were going to settle just for Budapest when they could take over the whole world?
Just don’t tell anyone. Those mafia girls tend to frown on that sort of thing.

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