Crazy & Funny

A blog about all crazy and funny things

1. Angry farmers in Hungery
After receiving a very low offer for their watermelon from a French wholesaler (Auchan), Hungarian farmers showed their dissapointment by throwing out watermelon on the parking lot in front of Auchen store.
2. Cold Beer
Cold beer is the best medicine for the crazy hot weather in Belgrad.
3. Chinese Cops
Chinese Cops are training on how to handle a crazy crowd.
4. Volcano in Chile
Volcano (Llama) eruption in Conguillio (Chile).
5. Lightning
Lightning at the air port in Manitoba
6. Volcano in Hawai
An helicopter is flying over lava from the worlds most active volcano, Kilauea in Hawai.
7. Bridge in Sao Paulo
A bridge in Sao Paulo collapsed after a truck got stuck under it.

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