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Austria searches for Barak Obama Robber

Austrian police officers are looking for a man who wears a Barak Obama mask when he robs banks. The man might look like the American president but he has a local accent and uses a gun when he is committing crimes.
He recently committed his sixth robbery since 2008 by robbing a bank in Handenberg. He always has a similar routine, by turning up just before the bank is due to close, wearing his mask and carrying a silver gun and black bag on his shoulder. He has a local accent and police believe that he is from Bavaria or the Inn River region.
Police think that he has stolen 10,000 Euros during this recent robbery but his biggest robbery was four times that in July 2009.

In the past robberies were carried out by the man wearing a mask which had a old man’s face but although he has changed masks the police still believe him to be the same man. This means that he has committed a great number of crimes with a robbery in November 2008 in Weilback and then in May 2009 in Reichersberg. The in December 2009, with the new mask he robbed a Kirchenheim bank and then in February 2010 he turned up at a bank too late and it had already closed. The next month he robbed one in St Johann im walde. It therefore seems that he has committed about six robberies so far, all in Austria all armed and all with what looks like the same gun and back. It is only the mask and the get away car that has changed, the mask once and the car, every time.
Despite being caught on the bank CCTV camera the police have no idea as to the real identity of the man.

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