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A Colorful Crash – Truck Accident Adds Color to City in Strange Ways

What would you do with 8,000 gallons of printer ink? Before you think that it’s a college student’s fantasy come to life, we have some bad news: it’s actually a truck crash. Isn’t that crazy? Funny too — and you get to laugh without guilt because no one was hurt from the accident. However, when the crash occurred at 6am on March 9, it was nothing short of an environmental disaster.
The tractor trailer actually rolled over, which is what caused its contents to hit the highway in their full color glory — oh yeah, you guessed right: it was a very colorful disaster. The printer ink was found later to not cause any immediate threat to the environment, or even to people. It’s just a scene for the ages.
The accident occurred in Peabody, Massachusetts, during the morning rush hour. If you thought that you were delayed before, you would have been delayed for several hours while State Police and other authorities were out overseeing the cleanup. As you might expect, traffic has been restored to normal but it still something that the citizens of Peabody will never forget.

Of course, neither will the Internet. The moment this story broke it became viral, being posted on countless sites around the world — including this one. If you don’t think this news is absolutely crazy, then you’re definitely living under a rock.
Think about it — how often do you find that a huge truck has turned over onto a highway? Pretty common, right? It’s the fact that the truck contained nothing but printer ink that makes it absolutely funny. Now, would you laugh if someone got hurt? Probably not. However, the fact that no one was injured just makes this a pretty funny — and costly accident that will go down in Internet history for many years to come.

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