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6 Movies That Get Better and Better With Time

When it comes to the world of movies, it really doesn’t get better than the classics. Indeed, you will have plenty of classics at your disposal when you really think about it — the world of movies goes back quite a few years. If you’re looking to build the perfect social event, why not a classical movie marathon? It’s a good way to incorporate everyone’s likes and dislikes without being pushy about it — anything that can please everyone at one time is definitely a good thing, right?
Not sure what movies to even pick? Well, you’re in luck! Check out this list of six movies that truly do get better and better with time.
1. Dr. Strangelove

No matter how many times you watch Dr. Strangelove, you can’t help but laugh at everything going on — between the ironic jokes and the double-meaning statements that will make you blush when you figure them out, this is a movie that will definitely get watched over and over again. If you’re thinking about really doing a classic movie marathon, this is one that you will definitely have to expect to get quoted a lot — both during the movie and even after the movie is over.
2. Dirty Dancing

If you like coming of age stories, this one is absolutely perfect! A young girl and a guy from the wrong side of the tracks get together for one of the hottest dance finales in movie history. Keep in mind this movie is a little bit older, so the themes in this movie may reflect times that weren’t as culturally sensitive as they are now.
3. Pretty Woman

Depending on who will be attending your movie night, you really can’t go wrong with Pretty Woman. The men in the audience will fall in love with a young Julia Roberts, while the women will drool over Richard Gere. It’s a great story with plenty of revenge along the way — who doesn’t like the scene in the store where Julia’s character gets the ultimate revenge?
4. Citizen Kane

Do you know what Rosebud means? Neither did the world until they watched Citizen Kane, a movie by Orson Welles. The movie was so controversial when it came out that many movie theaters and playhouses refused to screen the film in fear that they would lose money and influence with the newspapers controlled by William Hearst. The movie is a sharp criticism of wealth and power, two things that Hearst had in spades at the time of the movie.
5. Casablanca

Here’s another movie that tends to get people quoting lines upon lines. If you’re a Humphrey Bogart fan, you will love Casablanca. The fact that there are just so many good lines makes it a movie worth watching. However, the high drama of the film for its time period is something that still attracts movie buffs to this day.
6. The Godfather

How can you end a list with anything less than the Godfather? Even if you have no desire to really watch all three movies, the first one is enough to really give you something interesting to think about. There’s a lot of themes — love, power, control, wealth, influence, leverage, strength, life, death — and of course, family. The power of family is something incredibly strong, and the Godfather stands head and shoulders above just about anything else you can think of in terms of not only mobster films, but film dramas as a whole. Of course, having powerful actors like Marlon Brando and Al Pacino doesn’t hurt the film either, giving it a lofty position among numerous top movie lists around the Web and even offline as well.
As you can tell from this list, you definitely have a lot of different movie themes going on. Since you’re planning an event where multiple people are involved, it’s up to you to modify the list to suit the tastes of your crowd. If you know that some of the themes will offend someone you care about, feel free to leave it out of your movie marathon. Still, these are six great movies that will definitely get everyone talking long after the credits have finished rolling — check them out today!

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