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5 Super Cool Graves – A Wacky, Cool Memorial to the Dead

Death is hard. OK, that was obvious, but you get what we mean. When you lose someone that’s important to you, it can be really hard to step back and actually think about anything except your loss. There are books, movies, and even a few TV shows dedicated to getting over the loss of a loved one.
These people stepped over that part and went to turn their grief into an enduring symbol of compassion and love for the ones they’ve buried — amazing memorials and burial sites for the dead.
Sometimes things around here are crazy. Sometimes things around here are funny. But this is just plain cool, no matter what your feelings are. We’ll admit that some of the items are a little wacky, but hey — that’s the beauty of it all, isn’t it?
So, let’s go back to the wacky and the cool today with 5 super cool graves that you need to see.
1. Go Go BMW!

Who said that you can’t take it with you? We imagine that the person who passed away must have really loved their BMW. While we can’t be sure, it actually looks like a BMW 5-series — those are the ones that are most likely to be done in the convertible style, but it isn’t like the 6 series doesn’t have its share of convertibles too!
For someone that was truly a fan of convertibles, BMW, or just fast cars, this is an amazing tribute. We had to include it first.
2. This Wrench Is For You!

If everyone loves a good screw, then this guy must have loved his tools a whole bunch. We think that the gentlemen resting underground was once a mechanic that really loved doing what he did for a living. What better way to honor your loved one than with a creative headstone that truly captured one of the dearly departed’s favorite hobbies? Though, when we look at all of that granite, it goes without saying that this was probably a pretty expensive piece.
3. To Infinity and Beyond!!

Can we slip in some Toy Story jokes or is that not hip anyone? This is one cool memorial — for one, it’s pretty tall and um, really phallic — knocking out the Toy Story jokes *and* the Freud jokes. Now that’s a twofer we can get behind!
All jokes aside, this is really cool. It’s really a shame that you can’t get any color treatment on the rocket though. That would be sweet — but it wouldn’t last very long!
4. Eternal Computer Love

Now, there are two different ways that we could interpret this little picture. We could assume that it’s a grave for a lost loved one that really like computers, or we can assume that it’s a long standing memorial to a geek’s favorite PC that died a horrible death (bathtub, anyone?)
Either way you slice it, you have to admit that this is an amazing grave and memorial.
5. Snoopy!

This could have been a memorial for a child or even an adult with a child’s heart. When we first saw this around the office, we had to pass it around. It’s cute and something that’s truly meant to serve as a long lasting memorial.
Yes, we know that we only gave you five, but we had to cut it off somewhere! So, what do you think? Would you create a memorial like this for a lost loved one? If so, what would you create? Sound off in the comments — we would love to hear from you!

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