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3 Great Movies About Casinos You Have to Watch Today

Are you big a movie buff? So are we. There’s nothing like kicking back on the couch for a night of movies. When you know that you want to watch movies, you still might be a little unsure of what to actually watch. Why not a good set of movies based around casinos? Luck, chance, strategy — no matter what you call it, casino movies have it in spades. Some people like to watch casino movies because it exposes them to wealth and luxury — two things that are always a good thing!
We’ve got a list of the best 3 casino movies that you just have to watch today. Below’s the list, and you can sound off in the comments about any movie that you think we should have included — hey, we’re tough people, we won’t take it personally!
1. The Ocean’s Series

Whether you’re talking about Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, or Ocean’s Thirteen, one thing is clear: this is a series that’s best watched as if it were one whole movie. The first Ocean’s is absolutely comedy gold, and even Ocean’s Thirteen (the last one) will have you wishing they had extended the series further. This is the perfect example of an ensemble cast done right.
2. Casino

This is one of those movies where it’s clear that a pretty woman can definitely bring down a focused man. Robert DeNiro makes this movie really shine, especially as you follow all of things that happen to his character. The ending is a bit bittersweet, but you get to really see the inside of a casino from the ground up — almost literally!
3. The Hangover

While this film isn’t completely about casinos, the antics in the film are enough to make you want to stay home and play online slots! You can follow four friends that travel to Vegas for a bachelor party of epic proportions; only to find that they partied so hard that they really couldn’t remember what was going on the whole time. If you like comedy, you will definitely like this movie.
Again, it’s hard to squeeze in all of the great casino movies that could have made this list. If you have a movie that you think would have been a better fit, don’t be afraid to sound off in the comments!

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