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£200,000 For An Italian Stallion

Heiress Alexis Genevieve,32 has offered £200,000 to an Italian reality TV star Claudio Paselli,31 to father her fourth child.

The millionaire American businesswoman fell for the Italian Stallion after spotting him on Italy’s Perfect Bride TV Show. The Italian split with his ‘Perfect Bride’ after two months and has now been offered this huge sum by the mother of three kids to fly to Arizona and father her fourth child.

The American fashion consultant Alexis says that she doesn’t want to buy his love and the money is just an assurance that he will give her what she wants while paradoxically the Italian says that he is not interested in the money and is impreseed by her determination and perseverance.

If he accepts the money it would be just because she was charming him and then he will destroy the cheque. Whoever said money can’t buy love was a great thinker I must say.

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