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£20,000 Vuvuzela Made for World Cup Final

A jeweller has been asked to encrust a vuvuzela in gold and jewels ready for use at the world cup final.
It has been reported that a Russian business man has asked for the vuvuzela to be decorated ready for him to take with him to the World Cup Football Final on 11th July. When his business partner acquired tickets to the big match so that they could both go, the business man, whose identity has not been revealed decided that he wanted the unique vuvuzela made for him. Vuvuzelas are a type of horn which have proved to be extremely popular at the world cup finals.
Klemens Pointer, the jewellers who were asked to customise the vuvuzela, are based in Linz in Austria and were asked to clad a normal £2 plastic horn with white gold and precious stones. There was even a one carat diamond stuck on it somewhere.
The jeweller was approached at a trade fair and asked whether it would be possible for him to have a go at plating the vuvuzela and he readily agreed to do so. It ended up being a harder job than he originally thought because there were none of the horns available to buy in Austria. In the end one was sent for from South Africa, where the world cup finals are being held and where the horns are still readily available to buy.
The work had to be completed very quickly as the order was made very close to the date of the world cup final and it needed to be posted off in time to get there. With all of the costs, including the fast postage and the jewels and gold the business man ended up paying almost £20,000 for the vuvuzela. Hopefully he was happy with it.

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