Tiny mouse kills snake

Firefighters in Taiwan caught a 35cm snake and put it into a cage for safe-keeping. They found a tiny mouse and threw him into the cage as food for the snake but what happened next was hard to believe.

The tiny mouse became so aggressive when he saw the snake in the cage that he started to attack it, bite it and scratch it continuously.

After a vicious 30 minute battle, the snake was dead and the mouse was left with hardly a scratch.



  1. Must’ve been some sort of Desert Rat or somehow part mongoose.

    Ever see a mongoose fight a snake. Now that’s an Epic battle there.

  2. you stupid morons, a 35 cm snake is about a foot and a half long. a decent sized mouse could have a chance at killing a snake that small. this is news? maybe an image of jesus was found on the mouses fur.

  3. hurrah for the mouse…..

  4. Look at the photo. That is a rat, not a ‘tiny’ mouse, and is too big for the snake to eat. Nice work, firefighters. Nothing funny about this…and they let it go on for 30 minutes.

  5. Way to go Mouseie pooh

  6. Poor snake! Look at how big the mouse is in comparison. “Tiny mouse” my *%^$!! That was a tiny snake. And these idiots watched it get torn apart for 30 minutes? This isn’t “funny”, it’s cruel and horrific!

  7. That little gladiator has earned his freedom!!

  8. mikedeath says:

    im a person who keeps snakes and first off that mouse is way to big of a prey item for that snake,second i have to worry about mice attacking my snakes so i feed them frozen thawed rodents. mice attacking snakes in capitivy happens more often than u think .

  9. Atta Girl, little mouse! We should follow your example and get rid of all the two-legged snakes in our country – lawyers, policiticans, women/child/animal beaters/rapists/torturers/murderers, bullies, so-called “men of the cloth”, pedophiles, CEO’s, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, despots, tyrants, “warlords”, militants, and car salesmen (used and otherwise).

  10. I like this story, especially since I can vividly recall seeing many years ago in the San Francisco zoo a little mouse quivering with fright and barely clinging to the roof of a cage containing a very large but temporarily uninterested snake lying below.

    I’ve also seen on TV a mongoose defeat a king cobra and it was encouraging to see my fellow mammal win this particular contest.

  11. gooooooooooo mooooooooouuuuse!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. In unsure and turbulent times such as these we are having now, I truly enjoy stories that bring a smile to my face! (I suppose I have always been for the “supposed” underdog). But you never can tell what people and/or living creatures really have in them until they are put to the test. That mouse was not about to let some creepy, slithery snake ruin his day. Nope, that little guy fought with all of his might and surprised everyone; he won! What a great story! It just goes to show, you never really know what is going to happen, i.e. the Presidential election, until it’s over. (I know that no “alleged” poll has asked me who I am voting for!). So, never give up and fight to the finish! God Bless America! (smiling)
    Joy in Birmingham, AL


  14. scarlettinagrey says:


  15. Mighty Mouse for sure!

  16. Wow saw the title and thought McCain killed Palin

  17. in nature there are exceptional; creatures and average creatures so we see a clear example of one in the mouse, the mouse saw clearly what was about to happen and he decided he was not going to be a victim today.so if you must fight , then fight
    if your in a cage with a deadly viper thinking is the only way to come out alive…

  18. Animal Lover says:

    That snake was way too small to eat that mouse. Of course the mouse would kill it.

  19. Mice are known to have strong jams and a strong bite. They have been known to bite and claw through wooden walls. And will fight to the death if cornered. Some species stand on their hind legs and growl like a lion.

    They will freeze and the snake relaxes and the mouse attacks at that moment. I saw on H Channel.

  20. It is an unusual story, but it would’ve been nice if they took either the snake or the mouse out of the cage before the poor, little snake was killed. I don’t particularily like snakes, but I hate to see any animal killed, especially in a painful way.

  21. haha ,, the tiny mouse is bigger than the snake..
    Just proves little fury things can be dangerous

  22. Hooooray for the little guy.. He didn’t want to become snake food. I’m glad he won so now what did they do to him? Let him live and give him a victorious name. How will we find out what happened after the fight. ??? I love little mice. I think they are cute.
    Dog Mama

  23. This reminds me of a tale my father told me years ago. He was raised on a farm in Indiana, and he and his brother took a particularly vicious barn tomcat and put him in a cage with a male rabbit that loved to bite whoever tried to feed him by hand. To their surprise, the rabbit killed the large tomcat in less than 15 seconds. The small enclosure took all the cat’s nimbleness and advantage away. When faced with fly or fight situations, the victim can become the victor.

  24. I like the comment above “Poor Snake!” HA! you do realize why the mouse was in there don’t you?

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