Hairiest Female Arms

I have seen many hairy men and women in my life…but this woman have hairiest female arms in the world, or what do you say? I think that she has to bleach them or else it would be even more “unusual” with black hair 🙂


Pulling a car with his eyelids

Are you looking for a way to get your eyelids in shape?

You can always try to do like Yang Guanghe, a crazy Chinese man who must have the strongest eyelids in the world!


Mr Guanghe practiced 10 years for this stunt. He told the newspapers that it was painful in the beginning but he gradually got used to it. He wanted to test the limit of the weakest link in the human body.

If this is his weakest link, imagine what he can do with his strongest link. 🙂

The heart grows outside his body

A 4 year old Chinese boy, Zhang Weiyuan, has not had an easy life.

He has an odd and rare medical condition were his heart is growing on the outside of his stomach. His tiny heart is only covered with one layer of skin under which it can easily be seen beating.

Doctors are not sure if they can perform surgery to put his heart back in place but they will try and do their best.

His parents are both garbage collectors and they feel quilty for not taking their son to see a doctor earlier, because they couldn’t afford the fees.

“He never cries even though he suffers all the time, which makes us feel even more guilty.”

Lets hope that this brave young boy will catch a break and have a normal life.