7 Crazy Wedding Cakes You Have to See

Weddings and cake have gone together for a very long time. It’s probably because there are some weddings that just need cake in order for everything to go down well. After all, some families were just not meant to be joined together. It’s better for everyone’s sake that there’s cake.

However, some people go crazy with the urge to be unique and creative. It’s just cake, you know. People eat it, and all that will be left are pictures.

Speaking of pictures, we pulled out 7 crazy wedding cakes that you just have to see to believe.

1. All Covered With Snow…

This is a wedding cake that is downright insane. If you were to step back and look at the cute geometric pattern, you might think that it’s a harmless cake. However, for a wedding this just looks a bit odd. It almost looks like an elegant Jenga puzzle.

Oh yeah, we went there: Jenga. Jenga. Jenga. Don’t pull the balls out or the whole thing will come tumbling down. It might even be tasty — buttercreme, anyone?

2. 113 Year Old Cake, Anyone?

This is a pretty old cake, with a rich history. The cake is said to come from the 19th century, during Queen Victoria’s reign. That’s a very old cake!

The wedding cake was once white, but it’s browned with age. It’s a fruit cake on the inside that some say is still moist. No one in their right mind would eat a cake from this time period — bacteria and mold are probably abundant on the inside, and you just can’t get to it because the thick icing is in the way.

3. Redneck Cake

It doesn’t get more country — or redneck — as this: two antlers, one single head, with a strong hunting motif. What kills me is the picture of the person behind the cake with the bare arms — wow, what a wedding parade, indeed. Let’s hope that this is just the caterer, because if it’s one of the bridal party we’re going to have some problems.

Then again, depending on where you are in the world, it might not be a big deal. Yeehaw! Pass me the part of the cake with the special camo! Wahoo! [Read more…]