South Korea pays for gyms for overweight children

South Korea are planning to help overweight children to lose weight by paying for their memberships in gyms, health clubs and other activities.

The rate of childhood obesity had tripled over the past three years in South Korea due to a changing diet higher in fatty foods and a more sedentary lifestyle.

Children whose body mass index indicates obesity will be able to receive up to $33.60 a month to help them bring their weight down.

Health ministry official Chun Myung said:

“Kids won’t be able to waste the money on eating sweets. We will give them electronic vouchers that can only be used in designated places.”


Source: Reuters


  1. As an American living in S. Korea for 5 years..I have seen PLENTY of
    obese kids here. I think this is great that the government is doing this.

  2. With a tongue like that he definitely won’t be popular with the ladies.

  3. I think its good… but is still said they have to send them to gyms… The parents should feed the correctly and make them go outside and play… Take nintendo away and make the kids use their imaginations…… like the good old days !!!!!!

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