Seattle Pigeons Attacked With Darts

According to an article in National Geographic so are pigeons in Seattle under attack by an unknown assailant with a dart gun.

I don´t understand how they are still alive with that on their head.



  1. What the heck!!!!!! STUPID PIGEONS!!!! lol

  2. What a sick fucking cunt would be so cruel. I hope the fucker gets shot or stabbed to death but nice and slowly

  3. I one point or another where all gonna run into this pigeon problem, but theres much better ways of getting rid of them or to stop them from coming around without being cruel. They where put on earth to live just like us.

  4. yea thats just not cool,i have a pigeon at home. i dont think he deserves death. just a dart in the head will b fine,i saw another thing like this but it was just out of stupidity but u feel so bad 4 the cat, it was shot in the head (like straight in the eye an sticking out the other side) with a crossbow bolt. dont know if it survived but it was alive when they took the picture

  5. a pellet gun would have the stopping power to take down the pigeons. I suggest a .22 caliber.

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