Odd massage chair

Have you ever wanted to buy a massage chair to help you relax and eliminate the aches, tightness and stress of your life, but you couldn´t afford it?

If the answer to the question above is YES, then you can always do like Mr. Lin Shuseng –  use your imagination and your scrap to build an home-made massage chair!

Home-made Massage Chair

Home-made Massage Chair

Lets be honest. This must be one of the ugliest massage chairs you have seen in your life, right? But this massage chair offers both neck massage and a full body massage. Mr Shuseng has even installed an electric pot under the chair which warms the seat. What more do you need? 🙂


  1. Cheez420 says:

    Do I see a ball rubber down there?

  2. ugly??? that’s by far the kewlest lookin chair i’ve ever seen

  3. Bibbles says:

    probablies an injection after all that

  4. RedSleeves says:

    It looks more like something from Saw than a massage chair.

  5. I like how you cant see what your sitting in. It adds to the illusion you’re in something that doesn’t look like it shouldn’t exist

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