How to Make Meth

Methamphetamine is a type of stimulant that activates the central nervous system.  Its effects are increased wakefulness, increased physical activity, decreased appetite, increased respiration, and euphoria.  It is most commonly used by obese patients since it decreases their appetite, helping them lose weight.  But amidst its therapeutic effect, it is considered illegal because too much intake of methamphetamine can lead to adverse effects like irritability, insomnia, aggressiveness, hyperthermia, and convulsions that can lead to death.

Make Methamphetamine with Your Household Items

Methamphetamine is a drug that is very easy to make.  With only the use of your simple household chemicals and equipments, you can make meth inside your own home.  Dextropolamine 22-B, also called Egyptian Meth, is simple to make using your accessible products in the market.

In making your meth, you will need 1 bag of kitty litter by only separating the blue tablets.  The blue tablets are also known as sodium silicate.  Use hydrogen peroxide and pour it in an empty 2-liter bottle.  Then add 25 drops of iodine tincture into the 2-liter bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  Insert a surgical tube to the bottle, then place the blue tablets through the tube.  Place a balloon on the open end of the tube, then empty the blue tablet to the 2-liter bottle.

The sodium silicate will react with the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and iodine.  Hydrogen chloride will then be formed after the mixture.  Fill a large bowl with a gallon of distilled water.  Put three cups of Epson salt (Magnesium sulfate) to the bowl, then add ice.  Insert the gas tube and slowly let the gas stream into the water.  The hydrogen chloride will react with the magnesium sulfate.  Pour the solution to a coffee filter, and then let it dry.  After the solution is dried, you can now use your homemade meth.  This is only one of the types of meths you can produce in your household.

Word of Caution

Even though, meths are very easy to make.  We must consider its effects in our body, especially our central nervous system.  Extreme use of meths can lead to death.  Aside from its bad effects in the body, making methamphetamine inside your household is really hazardous.  You must take necessary precautions when making meth.  The chemicals used in making meths can be inflammable and poisonous.  That’s why saying “No” to drugs is the best solution to a healthy lifestyle and a happy life.


  1. smello6000 says:

    If you like this, there is a trick I used back in the navy when we were out on operations. Crap in a plastic bag and huff it (Seriously). The Fumes from a fresh dump will catch you a buzz. There is toxic stuff that your body needs to get out and some of it is in gas form. When you cancentrate all the toxens at one time you feel funny.

  2. haha yeah, don’t believe this…

  3. wow i just took a dump in a bag and huffed on it. It was amazing! I even collected my dogs, cats and even mystery crap from the local park and huffed till i got a nice cozy buzz! I then ate it the dump and bag all in one mouth full and i got an amazing buzz on that too! wow smell06000 thanks for the secret!

  4. billyboy says:

    trust me i’ve made it and i got FUCKING HIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DONTDOIT says:

    I just got home last month after serving 29 years in prison for manufacturing meth. The money is good but the prison time isn’t!

  6. Does this really work

  7. Also could you sell it

  8. How much of the blue kitty litter tablets do you need, the whole bags worth?

  9. Sunshine says:

    why would you put something like this on the internet? people are fucking stupid man.

  10. this is bullshit, you guys dont know shit about meth, if you try thisyour gunna get sick. that stupid ass youtube video is bullshit. if you want meth go to california and get the real deal or snort methylphenidate(ritalin,focalin,metadate ect.) but ont try this its all bullshit

  11. Fr33souLed says:

    I know a grandma who smoke meth to relieve her stress from old age. She uses it moderately and just enough to keep her going trhough the day. Her grandson got hooked from her left overs and ended up becoming “insanely crazy”. Meth can make you feel good but human body reacts to it. Listen to your body. Dont do drugs.

  12. it works NO LIE

  13. Venomisme says:

    where do you get Magnesium sulfate

  14. Venomisme says:

    how much hydrogen peroxide

  15. badass199 says:

    this is stupid bs snorting stuff hurts the pituitary gland that is what fucks you up it makes you age faster dont try this people dont think sometimes dont be a fool.

  16. This is crazy. You all are crazy.

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