How to Make a Diaper Cake

It takes but one cry of a newborn baby to wash away a mother’s pain.  I felt that when I gave birth to my lovely son.  Like any other normal spontaneous deliveries, it was painstakingly long, and the cramps were agonizing.  I was chanting, literally and figuratively, words that not even I could decipher.  When the nurse said I was fully dilated, I rushed to the delivery room on foot with my hubby on tow.

I was ready to finally receive my baby in my arms and hold my little tyke and never let go.  I pushed and grunted with all my might, and after the 5th thug, my baby boy emerged and was crying out loud.  That was the most wonderful music I have ever heard; the cry of life and new beginnings for me and my family.  I was full of adrenaline that, even with the heavy sedation, I was wide awake and could not help but stare at my baby.  I held him in my arms, and he was so beautiful that I could not bear to take my eyes off of him.

Baby Showers

It was but a month ago when we decided to have a baby shower for Benedict.  It was unexpectedly rainy yet we decided to push through with it because of all the preparations that have been made for the event.  Friends were calling months before, asking me of what they could do to help out.  They were even more excited when I told them of the baby shower I had in mind.  A college friend of mine told me the wines and beverages are on her.  Some volunteered to do the decorations and the whole theme design in the house.  One actually suggested to have some fireworks, but I said no, I could give birth any day now, besides the baby could be disturbed by the noise.  We had the food all set up, simple yet delectable dishes.  Games were also prepared as well as baby giveaways.  For the centrepiece, we decided to have a diaper cake.  My girlfriends and I made this the night before.  Looking at it, I can say that I am pretty proud of my masterpiece.  It is very easy to make a diaper cake.

What is a Diaper Cake?

You just need disposable baby nappies, rubber bands, small baby toys, ribbons or laces, and other items you would want to include.  Your cake will depend on your taste.  Just connect the nappies together to create tiers for your cake.  Put on the baby toys as embellishments or accessories.  Finally, decorate with ribbon trimmings.  Just have fun while doing it, and there would not be any problem.  The baby shower was a blast!  It was a prelude to the bliss I am in now with my baby and my family.  Nothing ever compares.


  1. To make the diaper cake….it is better NOT to leave the rubber bands on the diapers (new parents aren’t going to want to unroll/unrubberband 100 diapers). Instead, put rubber bands around the diapers and place the diapers in a circle standing on end. Secure that “tier” with a blanket (that is secured with a diaper pin) or with ribbon. Remove each diaper, individually, and take the rubber off and place it back in the hole. Do this for all the diapers. Insert more diapers, if you can, to make the “tier” really tight and solid. It is really important for the bottom tier to be solid.

    Proportion in your diaper cake is, also, very important. If you are working with, let’s say, 96 diapers… tier should be 16, middle 32, bottom 48. This makes for a perfect 1:2:3 proportion.

    Instead of curling ribbon, use nice grosgrain ribbon to tie your cake tiers together (or nice receiving blankets). Insert items onto your cake with colorful links (fun!) or diaper pins tucked into your diaper pins or pinned onto your blanket tiers.

    Take a look at some professional diaper cake sites to get inspired. You can do it!!

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