Hairiest Female Arms

I have seen many hairy men and women in my life…but this woman have hairiest female arms in the world, or what do you say? I think that she has to bleach them or else it would be even more “unusual” with black hair 🙂



  1. hairyarmlover says:

    Not even close. i have seen much hairier arms than hers on a woman.

  2. michael says:

    Very very sexy arms. I hope she is as hairy in other places, liks tummy, legs, armpits!

  3. I want love over looks. Just the same the women friends that I fell in love the hardest had thick pleasure trails, or as a pre-teen had hairy legs and I long for a relationship with such a hairy women that I fear I won’t be satisfied by anyone else as I can never find anyone close.

  4. girls who have hairy arms r just wonderful there is a facebook grp run by 4 latinas with over 2600 n it- “girls who have hairy arms R just KEWL” JOIN IT it rulz

  5. she is AWESOME!!!

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