6 Creative Bras That Even Lady Gaga Might Pass Up

Like talking about boobs? Then you’ll like talking about bras! OK, sometimes we don’t get the opening right, but surely you’ll forgive us, right? Especially if we show you boobs. Now, we can’t just go out and talk about boobs all the time, even though we’ve mentioned the word quite a bit in this first little paragraph.

So let’s talk about something that we haven’t covered — bras. Lots and lots of bras. How many? Too many — especially if they cover the boobs.

However, bras aren’t just every man’s worst enemy — they are a supporter of all things boobs. In fact, one would say that they support women quite well. Wearing the right bra helps you achieve the proper posture, and that’s always a good thing.

For the guys, it’s just one more thing that leaves a little something to the imagination, and that’s hot — though not necessarily in a Paris Hilton type of way. It’s just something nice to throw in the mix once in a while.

So, let’s get back to the bras, okay? These aren’t just any bras. We were thinking about Lady Gaga when it came to these bras. Of course, Lady Gaga borrows a lot from Madonna, but that doesn’t mean anything either, right?

1. Mm…Chopsticks?

Should sharp objects be allowed near the breasts? The Chopstick Bra is something interesting because it looks so large. We mean, it’s two bowls full of rice. And we mean that literally — those are pretty big bowls of rice. However, one thing that we’re curious about is how these scale in size. Is there a larger version for more full figured women, or is this something that’s more or less one-size-fits-most?

2. Bling, Bling: the Bra Version

Did you ever want to have a glitzy bra? Sure you have…if you’re a woman, that is. OK, if you want to be a guy and wear this sparkly bra, we certainly won’t stop you.

The price? 1.35M, please. There are over 2,500 little diamonds that make up this bra. If your girlfriend happens to be wearing one of these at a party, make sure that you are careful to protect her. This many diamonds means that someone could actually mug her!

3. Need More Bling?

What’s that? 1.35M isn’t good enough for you? You need to seek out more than just the big price? Well, let’s go gold!

This golden bra is 1.9M, which means that you’re definitely going to attract attention, if only from the price tag alone. However, it looks like you have to be fairly small chested in order to fit into this golden bra, which means that if you have a thing for larger busted babes, it’s just not going to work out well for you.

4. Does Bacon Make Everything Better, Really?

Bacon. You like bacon. We like bacon. However, I don’t think that you’re going to really convince your girlfriend to put on a bacon bra. Raw bacon against the skin just feels slimy to us, and we wouldn’t want to put our girlfriends through that. Still, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to go to one of those fancy organic meat shops. Hey, if you’re going to ask your girlfriend to wear a bacon bra, it might as well be the best bacon that you can buy, right?

5. Spiky, much?

This bra is plain… if you’re only looking at the color! We think that it could be jazzed up with a more vibrant color than just plain old white. However, if you’re looking for a white bra with a bit of an edge, then this is the perfect bra for you.

Part of us wants to figure out how sharp the little spikes could really be. Would you even want to wear a shirt over this bra? We guess this is one that probably should be saved for the bedroom. Or Lady Gaga. Or both.

6. The Hand Palm Bra — The Classic is Back!

How many times have you seen a magazine and they were talking about a celebrity and how “natural looking” their nude photo was? Usually it’s got them posed with a handbra more times than not. The classic is to actually have a man’s hands over the breasts in question, but hey — you can’t always find a hunky set of hands.

Maybe this is where this bra could step in. Now, when the hands are actually metallic and shiny, they’re just a bit creepy. We’re not trying to judge but um…we’ll pass on this bra too.

So, ladies — is there any bra from this series that you would actually wear? Sound off in the comments, because we would love to hear about it. And uh, in the spirit of the interwebs…pics or it didn’t happen!

7 Crazy Wedding Cakes You Have to See

Weddings and cake have gone together for a very long time. It’s probably because there are some weddings that just need cake in order for everything to go down well. After all, some families were just not meant to be joined together. It’s better for everyone’s sake that there’s cake.

However, some people go crazy with the urge to be unique and creative. It’s just cake, you know. People eat it, and all that will be left are pictures.

Speaking of pictures, we pulled out 7 crazy wedding cakes that you just have to see to believe.

1. All Covered With Snow…

This is a wedding cake that is downright insane. If you were to step back and look at the cute geometric pattern, you might think that it’s a harmless cake. However, for a wedding this just looks a bit odd. It almost looks like an elegant Jenga puzzle.

Oh yeah, we went there: Jenga. Jenga. Jenga. Don’t pull the balls out or the whole thing will come tumbling down. It might even be tasty — buttercreme, anyone?

2. 113 Year Old Cake, Anyone?

This is a pretty old cake, with a rich history. The cake is said to come from the 19th century, during Queen Victoria’s reign. That’s a very old cake!

The wedding cake was once white, but it’s browned with age. It’s a fruit cake on the inside that some say is still moist. No one in their right mind would eat a cake from this time period — bacteria and mold are probably abundant on the inside, and you just can’t get to it because the thick icing is in the way.

3. Redneck Cake

It doesn’t get more country — or redneck — as this: two antlers, one single head, with a strong hunting motif. What kills me is the picture of the person behind the cake with the bare arms — wow, what a wedding parade, indeed. Let’s hope that this is just the caterer, because if it’s one of the bridal party we’re going to have some problems.

Then again, depending on where you are in the world, it might not be a big deal. Yeehaw! Pass me the part of the cake with the special camo! Wahoo! [Read more…]

5 Hollywood Hairstyles Gone Bad – Really, Really Bad

Hollywood isn’t called Hollyweird just for laughs — it really is home to a lot of weird characters that have nothing else to do but actually be weird. The truth is that for every Hollywood star that knows that they have to look and dress the part, there’s a few that really seem to like walking on the wild side. The very wild side.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 Hollywood hairstyles gone bad — really, really bad, if you ask us. To be fair, we tried to include some men in this discussion, even though a lot of lists of hairstyles are all-female. Just one small step for equality, you know!

1. Bobby Trendy

OK, let’s start with a man this time, so that no one really thinks that all we do is pick on women. Bobby Trendy is a celebrity interior decorator who prides himself on being as flamboyant as possible. This picture makes him look like a drunken pirate collecting tickets to a party that after some thinking, you really don’t want to attend. Do you? That’s what we thought too.

2. Lady Gaga

We also had to get the most obvious example of crazy Hollywood hair out of the way. Lady Gaga prides herself on being weird, and she makes sure to bring that weirdness no matter when you see her. I bet if Lady Gaga really did her own grocery shopping she would pick out a new hairstyle just for the occasion.

3. Amy Winehouse

Between the stories about drug abuse and her taped videos filled with racial and cultural slurs, you would think that Amy Winehouse would want to keep a low profile. However, when you look at that hair, you already know that it’s definitely not going to be a day where Amy is going to keep anything to herself. That hair is so stacked and so tall that I think that you would really have to be legally blind to not see that hair! [Read more…]

Funny First Date

The first date can be full of emotion, but it’s worse when it becomes embarrassing or funny in the bad sense of the word. Many people have experienced at least once an embarrassing moment during a first date. Many of us even have funny pics which remembers the moment. Some are really funny and end well, with the two lovers forming a couple, but there are some who are not that lucky.

Here is what happened to Sarah once:

“Between me and an old friend began to knock something. I’ve been into him for a long time, but I didn’t dare to say anything. Our first date was at a barbecue at the country house of a mutual friend. There, at one point, my newly beloved disappeared. I asked our friend where he was and I found out that probably went for a while into the house because he had a headache. As a caring friend, I thought to go after him to see how he feels.

In the house, I was simply shocked. In one room, my new boyfriend and his ex were busy having sex. I was shocked as I turned around so I couldn’t see anything and I started to scream, to call them in all possible ways. I knocked down the door, I went out into the garden, I’ve also cried a little out there, while our friends looked at me like I was an alien. Annoyed, I decided to leave and so I went to my car that was at the gate, thinking to go home. In the car, guess who it was? My new boyfriend who was seeking for some peace there. In fact, I mixed him with someone else. We laughed and started a real relationship.
His ex girlfriend was not with him, but with somebody else. But when I saw her with a black guy I immediately assumed it was him.

Well, we definitely wouldn’t want to be in Sarah’s shoes, right? She experienced an embarrassing date, but who hasn’t? Everything is just swell when things turn out to fine.

What is the conclusion? We should keep our eyes very wide open at any time, but we mustn’t refrain your feelings. If we do that, we won’t get hurt, yes, but we won’t live either.

First dates are always challenging, but we should remember that any fresh start seems difficult until we dare to make the first move. Afterwords, it all seems natural and romantic.

5 Downright Wacky Bathrooms That Need To Be Seen

Humans are pretty freedom-driven by nature. No matter what, we want to have the freedom to do what we want to do. However, no matter what type of background we’re from, we’re going to have to do three big things: eat, drink, and use the bathroom.

It’s that third requirement of life that we wanted to cover. Not the actual act of using the bathroom, mind you — that’s for those “gross out” type of sites and all…but we had to look for wacky toilets. We knew there had to be something downright crazy about the types of toilets people will come up, so we had to cover it here.

1. MP3 Toilet

Who doesn’t want to make sure that they have something to do when they’re on the toilet? After all, if you know that you’re going to be in there for a while, you might as well try to make it a pleasant experience, right?

This brings us to our dear friend, the MP3 Toilet — also called the N5A. It costs $1750, which naturally leads you to wonder just what you get for dropping nearly two grand on your toilet needs. Well, in a nutshell, you get a full out MP3 player. It even has an SD card slot, which means that you can carry a lot of music in with you to the bathroom.

The MP3 side has all of the features that you think would come with it, like random playback and repeat. However, the toilet also comes with a seat heater and an automatic washer.

We can definitely see how this toilet would be appealing to some people, if they have the money for it.

2. Happy Fish?

So we heard you like fish… okay, we can’t even finish that one, but if you know your meme, you know what we were going to say.

All memes aside, this is a really wacky toilet. It’s truly a real aquarium on the back of your toilet, which means that you aren’t going to have to do much to surprise guests when they walk into your bathroom. It looks like it’s even childproof, which means that you aren’t going to have to worry about the kids and the fish meeting in strange ways.

3. Would You Use This Toilet?

You know, most of you reading this list probably live in a society where going to the toilet means going to a very nice and clean toilet. However, for millions of people around the world, going to the bathroom is actually a pretty dangerous affair. Aside from civil unrest, there are germs around the bathroom that can really threaten your life. Of course, if you live in a developed society, that’s not something that you have to worry about. But if you’re someone that lives out in the most remote areas of the world, safe toilets aren’t a guarantee.

That’s where this UFO-looking toilet comes in. It’s a toilet designed from the ground up to be able to provide a sanitary place for people to carry out their business. Now, you’re not going to be able to sit on this thing and read the New York Times, but that’s not what it’s meant for anyway.

4. Do You Dare to Use This Toilet?

Are you feeling bold and brassy? If you are, then it’s definitely time to check out this really neat toilet — it’s a bit of a mind game, really. You see, you might think that people can see inside while you’re using the toilet, but that’s not the case. The glass only works one way, which means that even though you know on a logical level that no one can see you, you might still feel like everyone is watching you.

It’s actually a toilet designed by an artist and placed into the area close to the Tate Britain gallery.

5. A Toilet Everywhere You Go?

Thinking about hiking anytime soon? Then you definitely need a private toilet that you can carry around with you wherever you go. Meet the Insipod, a toilet that really operates like a tent. You deploy the tent-like structure, go in and take care of nature’s call. It’s pretty straightforward, so we’ll uh…leave it at that.

Now, would we carry this thing around with us? No — if you’re already out in the middle of nowhere, you might as well just squat and handle business. It’s all biodegradable anyway, right?

This list is probably one of our weirdest, but that’s what makes it funny. Who knew that something so basic as going to the bathroom could morph into a strange list of wacky toilets? However, we assert that some of these toilets actually have a neat purpose, and we wouldn’t mind having one of them in our own home.

So, what do you think? Do you have a solid favorite? Don’t forget to sound off in the comments and let us know!