Kentucky Derby Tickets

Everyone knows that you do not need to be at Churchill Downs in order to bet on the Kentucky Derby. However, there is nothing more exhilarating than seeing your favorite contender finish the race. In order to attend, a ticket to the Kentucky Derby is necessary. On the other hand, due to their variations in price, it is important to know what the differences between the tickets are. Horse racing is highly recommended when it comes to place horse racing bets online.

What you need to know about KD tickets

Details about Kentucky Derby tickets are extensive and this can be overwhelming for anyone that is new to the experience. Primarily, what is important to understands is that the tickets are not easy to come by. This means that you should take the first chance you can get to buy tickets online. Since there is a long waiting list to get them firsthand, most people will rely on getting them secondhand through a third-party ticket website. [Read more…]

Creating the ultimate man cave gambling room

Are you are passionate about playing online casino games and already spend lots of your free time visiting land-based ones? The logical next step could be to consider creating a gambling room in your own home, assuming you have a free room that you can use for this. If you do (or you’ve managed to persuade whoever lives with you that you do) then the first step to creating your ultimate gambling room will be to work out what games you want to feature in it and how much you can fit in.

Certainly a poker table is a feature of the majority of gambling rooms. This is because poker is one of the most popular casino games and it is also something that you can spend an evening playing with friends. Indeed modern gambling rooms sometimes have computers in them. This is so that people can play games like poker at an online casino as well, although this is obviously not essential. You can also include other casino features like a roulette table or a slot machine, although a lot will depend on the size of the room. If you can fit in a slot machine it makes sense to have one, as that way you can still use the gambling room at times when you do not have any visitors.

Although you may think of gambling rooms as solely being places to play casino games, they’re not. Many of them also have other features including: snooker, pool or ping pong tables. Don’t forget, you can still bet on these games with friends to add to the excitement. But unless you have a very big room, you will probably be limited to one of these tables at most. It is important to ensure that you leave enough room for yourself and guests to be able to use the room comfortably. With this in mind, you might want to consider devoting a small amount of space to either a little microwave or fridge so you can provide food and drinks.

The Top 5 Funniest Bingo Calls and Where they Come From

While a lot of players play bingo to win cash prizes, the main point of the game is to have fun. The social element of the game allows players to interact and have a laugh with others. Having fun is the most important thing so for something a little different, we thought we would look at some of the funny bingo calls that players encounter when they play at their local bingo halls or favourite bingo sites.

Anyone who has ever played a game online or in a traditional bingo hall in the UK will have heard the announcer follow up the numbers with fun nicknames.

These rhymes are known as bingo calls and they have evolved over time with regards to the game of online bingo. Some are more popular than others and some are funnier than others too, so here are our top 5 funniest bingo calls!

  1. Turn the Screw – A very British bingo call which can also be “tickety boo” which in English slang means “good” or “in order”. A lot of popular bingo calls are based on rhymes and this is particularly evident in the UK with lots of bingo calls based on popular sayings and expressions. In terms of bingo, “Turn the Screw” is a funny British bingo call for the number 62.
  2. Legs – Some bingo calls are based on the shape of the number itself with more than 50 well-known calls based on the shapes of the numbers themselves. Legs is a simple and amusing way to remember the number 11. The two ones look like a pair of legs and historically, some of the more boisterous patrons in the bingo hall would wolf whistle at this number. A bit silly and immature but you can see why people find the legs call to be funny.
  3. Gandhi’s Breakfast – Another one that will make you laugh just by speaking it out aloud. Gandhi’s Breakfast describes the number 80. This is because the two digits are said to resemble what it would look like if Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi sat cross-legged and ate from a plate straight in front of him. You can’t say that bingo players are not imaginative when it comes to creating funny bingo calls!
  4. Two Fat Ladies – Experienced bingo players may already be able to visualise the number that the Two Fat Ladies symbolise. This is another number based on how the digits appear next to each other and quite simply, the Two Fat Ladies represent the number 88. The two 8s are said to represent to curvy ladies sitting next to each other. This is one of the most popular and well-known bingo calls of all.
  5. Posh & Becks – Another pop culture reference to the famous power couple. A stick thin Posh Spice is represented by the number 1. David Beckham, on the other hand, was famous for wearing the number 7 jersey. When you combine the two you get the bingo call of 17. It makes sense now doesn’t it?

These are some of the common calls you’ll hear in a hall or see online. There are so many more however, just have a few games and you’ll be bound to encounter them.

A Resurgence of Zombies: Why they are hugely Popular again

There are many reasons why zombies are so popular these days in books, TV, movies and computer games. One of the more commonly held beliefs is the fact that there are very few enemies for westerners to feel comfortable dispatching these days. Violence sells in popular media because it is a fun fantasy experience, but violence needs people, or things, to be aimed towards. Movies, books, and computer games have done very well when they have aimed violence at non-human targets. This is because even though the violence is not real, some people feel that they cannot make a connection with violence against humans. However, violence against robots such as in the Matrix or the Terminator movies, or violence against Aliens such as in the Independence Day and Aliens movies, is a lot more palatable for a broader audience.

Psychologically, even horrific violence is acceptable if it is in self-defense

Zombies are of a similar ilk to demons, and are therefore fair game for killing. If you remove ethics from the situation, the person playing the computer game, watching the movie or reading the book is able to enjoy the violence, without any ethical or moral restrictions around its use. This is heightened by the fact that if the protagonist does not inflict violence upon the zombies, the zombies will kill them. This brings an element of self-defense into the equation.

Zombies are no longer scary, but a relentless killing entity is

Zombies are so over-used in popular culture that they are no longer scary. The fact that they congregate in hoards, that they cannot be scared, that they cannot experience mercy, and that their lust for flesh seems unstoppable, is enough to create an exciting dynamic, which is enough to carry a computer game, book or movie. The idea of an unstoppable force and malice has worked very well in previous usage. It brings about a feeling of helplessness that translates very well to the viewer/player. The reason that the first Terminator film was so scary was the fact that nothing seemed to be able to stop this relentless machine from hunting someone down. [Read more…]

What To Do When You’re Bored

For most people, there are a lot of times in their lives when they are just sitting around at home feeling terribly bored. For the people who are stuck in this boredom phase, it is difficult to find something to do to cure the boredom. However, there are many ways to overcome this boredom, whether you do something productive with your time, or whether you do something a little bit more fun. Here are some tips on what to do when you are bored:


Go online

The internet can be best described as a vast expanse of land that is waiting to be explored. There are numerous things you can be doing online, such as doing some online shopping, playing computer games, reading the news, starting your own blog, etc. Of course, with all types of entertainment, some entertainment is inherently more amusing than other types of entertainment. Going online is an easy way to kill your boredom, as long as you know what websites to visit. There are websites for pretty much any interest you may have. For example, if you are a person who loves animals there are plenty of websites where you can watch live feeds of animals or even play animal themed games.

Catch up on work

Work doesn’t necessarily mean the kind you get paid for, you might have some housework to catch up on as well. There are a lot of chores you might have piled up that you have been meaning to catch up on, but just have not had the chance to yet. When you are bored it is a good idea to direct that boredom to do something a little bit more productive. For example, if you have been meaning to clean out your garage, a day where you have nothing else to do is a good opportunity to get started on that. You can call up some of your friends to have them help out, to make it more fun. Afterwards, you can all order some pizza and watch a movie, which is a fun way to spend the rest of your otherwise boredom filled day!

Always try to see your boredom as an opportunity, either to discover something new that you might enjoy, to get started on fixing up your house, or even to catch up on some work that you might be behind on.