Bond fan buys totaled Aston Martin DBS

A James Bond fan bought an Aston Martin DBS that was crashed and destroyed in the new upcoming James Bond movie called “Quantum of Solace.” They buyer paid £60000 ($105000) more than the price for the new Aston Martin.

The car was destroyed when a test driver crashed off a damp mountain road near Lake Garda, Italy. The driver was knocked unconscious and sank 150 feet to the bottom of the lake, before freeing himself and swimming to the surface. Remarkably, he was not injured.

The collector paid £200000 ($352000) for the totaled Aston Martin and the cost for brand new Aston is £134000 ($235700). How crazy is that?



  1. She should’ve just waited for the movie to come out and the auction for the set pieces to begin.

  2. *They

    Just to be non-sexist, not saying only women only do something that stupid. 6_6;

  3. yup but he did it with style 😀

  4. Set pieces are different than this. This is a one of a kind piece that will most likely be worth more 10,20, 30+ years from now than a normal DBS. And if you have the money, why not?

  5. This hunk of crap is NEVER going to be worth more than it currently is. Except maybe to the idiot that bought a crunched up Aston. The only things that would gain it more notoriety or value would be if it was placed in a museum, or RE-BUILT!!!

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